Carbogenics Ltd

Converge Challenge 2018 Winner
Lidia Krzynowek
University of Edinburgh

Carbogenics Ltd, Edinburgh University’s spin out company, developed CreChar® - a novel carbon-based additive to enhance Anaerobic Digestion (AD). CreChar® is produced from fiber-rich paper waste in a carbon-negative process. CreChar® will increase the efficiency of a typical Anaerobic Digestion plant (1000 kWe capacity) by 15%, representing £250k more revenue for the operator. Servicing 50 AD plants representing 5% of the UK’s AD market in 2023, will allow us to generate a turnover of £5m and £3.2m profit. In addition to our CreChar AD additive, we will offer our customers data-driven process control service to ensure highest performance and maximum revenue gain. As Regional Winner of Shell Springboard 2018, Winner of Inspire Launch Grow 2018 and Finalist of Scottish Edge 2018, Carbogenics gained recognition for its innovative business idea. The next step in Carbogenics journey is piloting commercial scale production and first sales in 2019.

Following on from their Converge win, Carobgenics received coverage on the BBC Scotland website. @carbogenics