Converge 2018 Runner-up
Peter Orrell
The James Hutton Institute

In agriculture, when produce doesn’t meet the highest grade, growers are forced to sell it for a loss. Imagine if you were forced to sell 1 in 10 of your products for a loss. At MycoNourish, we add value for growers. We do this by using beneficial fungi, which work in symbiosis with crops to enhance yields. Unlike our competitors, who provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions, our fungi are customised to solve specific issues in each crop – such as increasing the number of strawberries that meet the highest grade. Our technology is highly adaptable. While we can improve quality in strawberry production, our fungi can tackle issues ranging from relieving drought in semi-arid regions, to improving pollination. So now, instead of being forced to sell 1 in 10 of their products for a loss, growers can use our fungi to enhance production, reduce losses, and maximise their margins. @MycoNourish